Apr '04 Released LOF Enterprise 3.1
Apr '03 Released LOF Enterprise 3.0
Sep '02 Released Legacy Objects Framework 3.0
Feb '02 Released Cables.Web
May '01 Yrrid Incorporated changed its name to Yrrid Software, Inc.
Apr '01 Released Tandem 6530 emulation.
May '00 Delivered Legacy model for drilling permit application for a large state agency. Pilot project.
Jan '00 Developed Unisys UTS series terminal emulation..
Jan '00 Integrated EDI invoice processing mainframe app using LOF for a national educational institution.
Nov '99 Integrated broker transactions on the mainframe for a large WallStreet brokerage.
Sep '99 Released LOF 2.0
Jan '99 Released LOF 2.0 Beta.
Dec '98 Published "Legacy Object Modeling Speeds Software Integration" in the December issue of the Communications of the ACM.
Jul '98 Announced LOF Proof of Concept Package.
Oct '97 Delivered Cables for the Developer Release of Apple Computer's next generation operating system code-named Rhapsody (MacOS X)
June '97 Delivered production ready LOF web application to a Wall Street brokerage firm (fault-tolerant, scaleable, with application logging and monitoring.
April '97 Delivered EPI gateway to a Wall Street brokerage firm..
Mar '97 Delivered an RFC 1006 gateway.
Jan '97 Released LOF for PDO/HP.
Dec '96 Delivered web pages for a customer's PRI text system.
Oct '96 Delivered a 2-tier version of LOF to a government agency.
June '96 Delivered a rate calculator for an automobile-financing corporation's website.
April '96 Released LOF at Internet World in San Jose.
Oct '95 Delivered a customised user version of Cables and a Beta version of LOF to a national automobile-financing corporation.
Sept '95 Delivered IBM file transfers for Cables to an insurance firm.
Mar '95 Delivered Cables IBM 5250 Module to a national talent agency.
Jan '95 Delivered Cables Wyse 60 Module to a national freight transport company.
Nov '94 Delivered a Kermit file transfer module for Cables to an insurance firm.
Aug '94 Released Cables at NeXT EXPO in San Francisco.
May '94 Delivered custom development of Cables TI931 to a public utility
Nov '93 Delivered Cables IBM 3270 module to a national telecom company.
June '93 Demonstrated Cables Base Unit and DEC VT320 terminal emulation at NeXTWORLD
Mar '93 Delivered custom development of a synchronous version of TTYDSP to a defense contractor
Aug '92 TTYDSP, a high speed serial port for a NeXT computer, released. Ceased production 12/96.
Feb '92 Yrrid incorporated in North Carolina

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