Yrrid Releases Cables on Rhapsody

Yrrid Incorporated Releases Cables on Rhapsody

Chapel Hill, NC.
October 13, 1997

Yrrid Incorporated today announced the release of its Cables terminal emulation product for Apple Computer Inc.'s next-generation operating system code-name Rhapsody. Since its introduction in 1994 on the NEXTSTEP/OPENSTEP platform, Cables has been the connectivity product of choice for the mission-critical needs of large corporations. Yrrid is proud that Cables is the first native terminal emulation product available on Rhapsody.

"The Rhapsody environment lets Yrrid focus on its own technologies and products. Apple's multi-platform 'Yellow Box' development environment takes all the grief out of porting our products to other major operating systems such as NT, Windows 95, and soon MacOS".

-- Christopher Lloyd, CTO Yrrid Incorporated
Cables provides a comprehensive solution to the problem of integrating legacy applications and data with Rhapsody.
Few connectivity products offer all of Cables' basic features:

  • Cables is designed to support the enterprise. System administrators can creat customized versions of Cables for deployment to departments or the entire enterprise.

  • Cables' terminal emulations are unsurpassed in accuracy, completeness and performance.

  • Large selection of industry-standard terminal emulations that can connect to virtually any mainframe, minicomputer, or UNIX™ system:

    DEC VT 320
    IBM 3270 models: 3278/2/3/4/5, 3279/2/3/4/5
    IBM 5250 models: 3179-2, 3180-2, 5251-11, 5291-1, 5292-2
    Wyse WY-60/50+
    DG D215

  • Cables provides a scripting facility for automating common operations such as remote logins.

  • Cables advanced scripting features allow exchanges of data between one or more emulation sessions.
    VT320, IBM 3270, and IBM 5250 sessions can all interact with each other.

  • Cables supports X/Y/Z modem, Kermit, and IND$FILE file transfer protocols.

Commercial, personal, and educational licenses for Cables are available either directly from Yrrid or through their authorized resellers and distributors.
For more information please contact Shambhunath Borah.

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