LOF Proof of Concept Package

LOF 2.0 Proof of Concept Package

Chapel Hill, NC.
September 30, 1999

Yrrid Incorporated today announced it will continue its Proof of Concept Package, which was introduced in the Summer of 1998, for Legacy Objects Framework (LOF) 2.0 . If you purchase a developer license, Yrrid will send one of its specially trained Legacy Services Group engineers to your site for 2 days. The Yrrid engineer will:

  • work with a small group of your technical staff to build a Proof of Concept

  • build a simple model of your legacy application and explain the process to the technical staff members while building it

  • build a simple client interface application in your choice of WOF, VB, ASP, or Java

  • demo the Proof of Concept to your managers and project leaders, showing them your data running in a new client interface.

Advantages of the Proof of Concept Package:
  • it jumpstarts your development process

  • your technical team gets hands on experience with LOF 2.0

  • the Proof of Concept belongs to you and you can incorporate it into your development

  • Annual Support and Maintenance (which includes Updates) is available for 15% of the license cost.

For further information about the Proof of Concept Package, please contact sales@yrrid.com; for technical information about LOF 2.0 and its features, contact lof2-info@yrrid.com.

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