Tools to integrate and extend legacy systems

Integrating multiple legacy systems with the web

LOF Enterprise creates a modern interface to multiple legacy applications using screen scraping and provides a terminal emulator for application screens which have not been modeled.

Some common uses for LOF Enterprise:
  • Create a single sign-on to multiple legacy systems
  • Integrate legacy systems within a larger portal
  • Create Web front ends to legacy applications with modeled screen scraping
  • Access mainframes securely from a web browser using terminal emulation
  • Create a master web application that cross-integrates information from multiple mainframe sources
    • gather data from multiple legacy applications and produce a single web page with all the information
    • data changes can be propagated to multiple legacy systems without the users having to re-enter the information
  • Create a Web Services interface to legacy systems
  • Switch back and forth between a terminal emulator and new front end on the same terminal session.

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