Tools to integrate and extend legacy systems

Integrating multiple legacy systems with the web

Introducing Legacy Objects Framework Enterprise 3.1

What is LOF Enterprise 3.1?  

Legacy Objects Framework (LOF) Enterprise 3.1 is a set of development and deployment tools for integrating and extending legacy systems.  LOF Enterprise 3.1 helps you to integrate your legacy systems into modern web front-ends and portals using Java, .NET and Web Services -- without modifying your legacy systems. The tool set includes a model-based screen-scraper with an integrated secure web-based terminal emulator. LOF Enterprise 3.1 development tools run on all Win32 platforms and the applications can be deployed on Win32, Linux, or Solaris.  Applications developed with LOF Enterprise 3.1 are highly available, scaleable and secure.

Why is LOF Enterprise 3.1 unique?

  • LOF Enterprise 3.1 supports all major terminal emulations (IBM, Tandem, Unisys and DEC).

  • Modern front-ends developed with LOF Enterprise 3.1 share the same user session as the secure web-based terminal emulator.  Users do not have to log in and out.

  • Yrrid offers a free, on-site “Live Build” product demonstration of LOF Enterprise 3.1.

What can you do with LOF Enterprise 3.1?

Portal Integration

Access all your legacy systems through a single web-based solution -- with single sign-on capability.  LOF Enterprise 3.1 includes an integrated web-based terminal emulator removing the need to run separate terminal emulation packages.

EAI (Enterprise Application Integration)

Merge data from:

  • Multiple legacy applications into a single user interface
  • Legacy applications on different operating systems or terminals
  • Legacy applications with data from ERP applications

Web Services and XML

Model your legacy systems and develop API’s to access your data and business logic through standard Web Services and XML interfaces.

Modernize your User Interface

Build a simple, intuitive, and consistent interface to multiple legacy systems.  No special software is required, just a Web browser.

Develop & Deploy Incrementally

Model the most frequently used screens and deploy them with a web-based interface.  Those screens not yet modeled can still be accessed through the same connection to the legacy system using Cables.Web, the secure web-based terminal emulator included in LOF Enterprise 3.1.

Centralized Administration

Web-based solutions can be centrally administered making them easy to deploy and maintain.

Continued Value and ROI

Continue to realize long-term value and ROI by combining the proven, inherent strengths of your legacy systems and the advantages of modern front-end technologies.

Risk Mitigation

Mitigate the considerable risk in rewriting your legacy systems using LOF Enterprise 3.1 as a bridge between the old and the new.  LOF Enterprise 3.1 allows you to develop the new front-end using the old legacy systems.  The new front-end can talk to both the old system and the rewrite.

Demonstration Package (Live Build”)

To demonstrate the advantages and functionality of LOF Enterprise 3.1, Yrrid can send a senior engineer, at no charge, to your site to build a simple application showing your data running live in a new client interface.  We invite you to contact us to discuss your legacy integration issues and a possible live build demonstration.


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