Tools to integrate and extend legacy systems

Integrating multiple legacy systems with the web

Legacy Objects Framework (LOF) Enterprise 3.1 is a set of development and deployment software tools for integrating and extending legacy systems.† The tool set includes LOFModeler for development, LOF Server for deployment, and Cables.Web for secure web-based terminal emulation.†

LOF Enterprise 3.1 Supports a Large Number of Legacy Systems




Comm. Protocol



iSeries/AS400 (Midrange)






1100/2200 Series

System 80

ClearPath HMP IX




Tandem ††††††††††††††††††††††





and many others

UNIX, VMS and other

proprietary systems


Wyse 60/50+

DG D215

Telnet & serial ports

Developing with LOF Enterprise 3.1

The LOFModeler captures and stores the important functions of the legacy system in an LOF Model and exports these functions to front-end applications as a legacy Application Programming Interface (API).

LOF Development Features
  • Powerful scripting language allows the creation of clean model APIís
  • Elegant GUI tools for creating the models
  • Merge data from:
    • Multiple mainframe applications into a single user interface
    • Different legacy hosts through different terminal emulations and operating systems
    • Legacy applications with data from other sources


Client Environments

Supported Development Platforms

  • All Java, J2EE environments
  • Microsoft .NET applications:
    ASPX, C#, Visual Basic, C++
  • Web Services (SOAP/WSDL) & XML applications

Microsoft Windows Win32 family:
Windows 2000 Professional

Windows XP Professional


Cables.Web: Secure, Web-based Terminal Emulation


Cables.Web allows a unique approach of incremental development and deployment. The Cables.Web integrated terminal emulator shares the same connection to the legacy system as the front-end application. The Cables.Web session provides complete access to any part of the legacy system that is not yet available to the front-end application. This allows you to create a partial LOF Model of the most important legacy system functions and deploy quickly.


Cables.Web features:

  • Self-installing thin client. Supports IE 6.0 and Netscape
  • Integrated with model-based screen-scraper (LOF) and shares a single session to the host
  • Strong encryption between the browser and Cables.Web server
  • Very small Java applet size
  • Configurable color mapping, keyboard mapping, button panels, title and fonts
  • Automatic font scaling
  • Scaleable architecture: multiple servers and processes; automatic rollover; no single point of failure


LOF Enterprise 3.1 supports a large number of encryption standards for communication between the front-end applications, their associated Cables.Web sessions and the LOF Servers.

Security Options


  • RSA (Public Key/Private Key) 1024- and 2048-bit
  • DES 56-bit
  • Triple DES (3DES) 112-bit
  • Blowfish 128-, 192- and 256-bit
  • AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) 128-, 192- and 256-bit
  • CAST 128-bit


Deploying LOF Enterprise 3.1


Web Portals and Front Ends built with LOF Enterprise 3.1 are deployed in a multi-tier architecture where the LOF Servers form the tier between the legacy system and the web application. These LOF Servers run in a peer-to-peer network administered by the LOF Directory Server, one of the many server application tools included in LOF Enterprise 3.1.


LOF Deployment Features

  • Robust error handling
  • Scaleable architecture:multiple servers and processes; automatic rollover, no single point of failure
  • Strong encryption between the application server and the LOF server
  • Centralized administration of LOF Servers


Deployment Platforms

LOF Server Tools

  • Windows NT/2000/2003
  • Solaris 7 and higher
  • Linux (Intel x86)


  • Service Manager
  • Directory Server
  • Model Server
  • Emulation Server
  • LPT Server
  • LPT Forwarder
  • Log Server

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Since its founding in 1992, Yrrid Software, Inc. has a proven track record of providing cutting edge software solutions for legacy connectivity, legacy integration and legacy extension for large production environments in both corporate and government settings.

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