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TerminalOne - VT100 VT220 VT320 color terminal emulator Mac OS X

Now available for $39

  • Fully native application written from the ground up in Cocoa
  • Very fast startup and session creation times
  • Proven emulations used in corporate production environments
  • Accurate VT320 terminal emulator with color xterm extensions
  • Accurate VT100 (VT102) terminal emulator with Terminal behavior
  • Supports text wrapping on resize, copy & paste
  • Supports all graphics characters with any font, supports any font, fixed width or not
  • Flexible scrollback, unlimited or limited by lines or memory size
  • Tabbed Sessions of different sizes in one window
  • Many more features
If you are interested in other terminal emulations for TerminalOne, please contact us. We have a wide variety of terminal emulation technology that we would be happy to bring to Mac OS X.

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