Yrrid ships Legacy Objects Framework Enterprise 3.1

Salt Lake City, Utah. April 19, 2004 -- Yrrid Software today announced the Legacy Objects Framework (LOF) Enterprise 3.1 is now available. LOF Enterprise 3.1, a set of development and deployment software tools, allows the integration and extension of legacy systems with modern front-end applications and portals using Java, .NET and Web Services.

LOF Enterprise 3.1 solves some of the most difficult problems large enterprises face today. In order to leverage the web, organizations need to gather data from multiple legacy systems and produce a single web page which summarizes all of the information. Users need single sign-on capability to access all the systems.

The LOF Enterprise 3.1 tool set includes a model-based screen-scraper integrated with a secure web-based terminal emulator. This allows incremental development and deployment - the essential screens are modeled first and those screens that are not yet modeled (or less frequently used screens that do not need to be modeled) are accessed through the web-based terminal emulator. Users do not have to log in and out because the front-ends developed with LOF Enterprise 3.1 share the same session to the host as the web-based terminal emulator.

LOF Enterprise 3.1 supports all of the major terminal emulations (IBM 3270, IBM 5250, Tandem, Unisys and DEC VT series) running in large diverse organizations. LOF applications can be deployed on Win32, Solaris, and Linux.

"At a Department of Defense Agency demo last week, a transaction that used to take 20 minutes was reduced to 4 minutes using LOF Enterprise 3.1. Since the agency has to do dozens of these a day, the savings will add up," said Niall Emmart, President of Yrrid. Andrew Price, Federal Accounts Manager at Yrrid added, "Call us for a free 3-day live build on your system and let LOF Enterprise 3.1 speak for itself."

Since its founding in 1992, Yrrid has a proven track record of providing cutting edge software solutions for legacy connectivity, legacy integration and legacy extension for large production environments in both corporate and government settings.


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